Since early days of 2015 Fully Pitted has specialised in BBQ. American style BBQ with a Kiwi twist. Meat cooked over a proper wood fire for half a day until it falls off the bone in all its smokey goodness.

Our pit smoked BBQ hails from the heart of Texas, USA. We source the best quality meats from around the lower South Island.
Whether it be beef brisket, pork ribs or lamb legs, they are seasoned in our own spiced rub and slowly smoked for up to 12 hours until tender and juicy.
21sts to 90th’s, work functions, family gatherings, reunions, pre and post weddings, weddings or any event that requires a unique bbq option – we have you covered.
We have a range of our own homemade sauces, sides, salads, canapés & desserts to suit your preferences.
Ready for an event
Fully Pickled. A fresh take on cucumber pickles
A bit of background……
Having spent 15 years travelling & working as a chef in a multitude of styles in restaurants,  mountain chalets, souvlaki stands & super yachts, there has been one underlying tone in all the countries & work I covered….BBQ
In the American summer of 2014 I happened to have a Sunday afternoon off work in Charleston, South Carolina. Admittedly I was on my own little great American burger hunt, but my senses happened to turn me into a Nicks Bar-b-que in the centre of town.
The original sandwich I had that day completely blew all my senses to what I now know as BBQ heaven. These were the stepping stones to bring me to where Fully Pitted is today.
BBQ has always been the part of cooking that I have enjoyed the most from my very first days as a chef in Wanaka, New Zealand watching the senior chefs char-grill the meats, caramelising, smoking…..and eating the the beautiful produce our region has to offer!
Thank you to all friends & family who have helped get Fully Pitted up and running and a shout out to Joel at JR’s Smokehouse in Byron Bay, Australia for the advice from the start.